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Our resources have an extensive and strong experience in financial advisory business which covers a wide range of activities.


• Acquisition Advisory for PT Surya Semesta Internusa Tbk, PT Saratoga Investama Sedaya Tbk. and UEM
  Group Berhad (Trans Java Toll Road Project)
• Acquisition Advisory for PT Radiant Sentral Nutrindo (Food Supplement)
• Divestment Advisory for Frankipile Indonesia (Foundation Contractor)
• Divestment Advisory for PT Radja Bangunan (Building Material)
• Due diligence and Valuation for Triwarsana (Production House)
• Valuation PT Adira Insurance for divestment purpose
• Divestment and Fund Raising Advisory of PT Lintas Marga Sedaya (Toll Road Operator)
• Valuation of PT Sunprima Nusantara Pembiayaan (Multifinance)
• Valuation and Disposal Advisory of PT Courts Indonesia (Furniture and Electronic Retailer)
• Valuation of Herald Resources for PT. Antam (Mining)
• Post Acquisition Due Diligence of Hotel Sari Pan Pacific (Hotel)
• Valuation and Disposal Advisory of PT Cipta Strada (Toll Road Engineering Consultant)
• Valuation of PT Marga Setia Puritama (Toll Road Operator)
• Valuation of TBU Book store
• Valuation of Kiosk minimarket (Malaysian Retail)
• Due Diligence and Valuation of PT Sriboga Raturaya and PT Sarimelati Kencana &(Pizza Hut) for
  Recapital Investment (Flour Mill and Fast Food)
• Due Diligence of Elnusa Group for Kendall Court Singapore (Oil and Gas, Telecommunications and
  Information Technology)
• Due Diligence and Valuation of PENI to Indika Group (Petrochemical)
• Strategic Sale of PT Sekar Bumi to Kuala Lumpur Kepong (Palm Oil)
• Disposal Advisory of Golden Property (Retail Property)
• Acquisition Advisory of Steady Safe (Transportation)
• Acquisition Advisory of Mayne Health (Hospital)
• Acquisition Advisory for Kaolin Raya (Kaolin Manufacturing)
• Acquisition Advisory for GIC on Sumalindo Lestari Jaya(Forestry)
• Due Diligence and Valuation of two companies for PT Timah Tbk (Coal Mining and Construction)
• Valuation for Soewarna Business Park (Property)
• Due Diligence of Sugar Company for BULOG (Agribusiness)
• Divestment of PT Lintas Marga Sedaya (Toll Road Project)
• Divestment of PT Triwarsana (Production House)
• Divestment of PT Sunprima Nusantara Pembiayaan (Multifinance)
• Divestment of PT Cipta Strada (Toll Road Engineering Consultant)
• Disposal Advisory and Due Diligence of Courts (Furniture Retail)
• Divestment and Valuation of Valdo Corporation (Business Process Outsourcing)
• Divestment of Altelindo (IT Software)


•Refinancing of Bukit Uluwatu Villas (Boutique hotels)

• Feasibility Study for Marga Kunciran Cengkareng (Toll Road Project)
• Feasibility Study for PT Korin Manado Paradise Manado (Golf course, Hotel, villas, and Water Park integrated
• Feasibility Study for La Stella Villas Bali (Boutique Hotel)
• Feasibility Study for Toll Road Project for Capital Inc (Cimanggis Cibitung Toll Road Section)
• Feasibility Study and Fund Raising for Cement Project Kobexindo (Cement Industry)
• Feasibility Study and Fund Raising for Jakarta New Port (Port)
• Feasibility Study and Fund Raising for Papermill Trimanunggal (Paper Industry)

• Fund raising for Anzawara Satria (Coal Mining)
• Fund  raising for Capital Management Indonesia (Power Plant)
• Fund Raising for Alto (ATM)
• Fund Raising for PT Pelayaran Tempuran Mas (Shipping)
• Fund Raising for PT Korin Manado Paradise Manado (Golf course, Hotel, villas, and Water Park integrated
• Fund Raising for Sunprima Nusantara Pembiayaan (Multifinance)
• Fund Raising for Artha Buana (Multifinance)
• Fund Raising for Jatis Group (IT and Software Industry)
• Fund Raising for Bandung Ocean Park (Water Theme Park)
• Fund Raising for Tradisi Group( Budget Hotel)
• Fund Raising for Alila Group (Boutique Hotel and Water Park)
• Fund Raising for Archipelago (Exhibition Hall)
• Fund Raising for Trimega Utama Corporindo (Coal Mining Contractor)
• Fund Raising for Elnusa Group (Oil and Gas)
• Fund Raising for Mustafa Group-Singapore (Retail)
• Fund Raising for Senopati Suite apartment
• Fund Raising for Banyan Tree Resort Bali (Boutique Hotel)
• Fund Raising for Alila Uluwatu Villas Bali (Boutique Hotel)
• Fund Raising for The Bale Villas Bali (Boutique Hotel

• Strategic Advisory to Inalum, Badan Otorita Asahan (Aluminium Smelter)
• Corporate Restructuring to PT Tambang Batubara Bukit Asam Tbk (Coal)
• Corporate Restructuring of Amazone Group to KIA Korea ( Automotive)
• Corporate Restructuring of Suryacipta Swadaya (Property)

• Debt Restructuring to Polyprima (Chemical)
• Debt Restructuring to Hendratna (Forestry)
• Debt Restructuring to Surabaya Agung Pulp and Paper (Paper)
• Debt Restructuring to Suryalaya Anindita International (Hotel)
• Debt Restructuring to Basirih Industrial Corp (Forestry)
• Debt Restructuring to Jabar Wood (Plywood)
• Debt Restructuring to Grand Melia Purosani (Hotel) and Surya Cipta Swadaya(Industrial Estate)

• Corporate restructuring for Tradisi Group (Mining)
• Project Development Port Surya Cipta
• Financial Advisory to PT LC Development (Boutique Property Developer)
• Reverse Take Over of Nusa Raya Cipta in SGX (Construction)
• Financial Advisory to The Bale Resort Bali (Boutique Hotel)
• IPO Advisory: Alila Group ( Hotel)
• Strategic Advisory to Kobexindo Group (Heavy Equipment & Cement Industry)

Opportunities To
Invest in

  1. Bintan Boutique Hotel Project
  2. Corrugated Carton Box Group
  3. Chain Of Hotel Group
  4. Bali Condotel Project
  5. Used Cars Consumer Financing Company I
  6. Used Cars Consumer Financing Company II
  7. Ocean Park and Aquatic Theme Park Developer
  8. Rural Bank (BPR)
  9. Diesel Power Rental Company
  10. Property Company
  11. Business Hotel Chain
  12. Education Technology Start Up
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