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Investment Opportunities

Opportunities to Invest In

1 Bintan Boutique Hotel Project

  • The project is sponsored by the well-known hotel and resort development company, recognized for owning numerous luxury boutique hotels, ranging from 4-star to 5-star hotel & resorts.
  • The boutique hotel will be managed by notable multinational luxury boutique hotel brand. This 5-star hotel project is situated in 20.8 hectares of land, consisted of 16.38 hectares hotel area and 4.5 hectares museum & facilities.
  • The hotel area consists of Hotel Public Area ("HPA"), 40 units one-bedroom villa, 17 units two-bedroom villa, and 13 units three-bedroom villa. All the villas will be facilitated with private pool except in 18 units of one-bedroom villa. Additional facilities will feature art gallery, spa, boutiques, retail area and fine dining establishment. The HPA will include facilities such as all-day dining restaurant & bars, office area, function room, water garden, wedding courtyard and infinity pool.
  • The project has appointed renowned contractor & consultant and constructed to EarchCheck's environmental standards.

2. Corrugated Carton Box Group

  • One of leading corrugated carton box groups with production capacity over 250,000 tons per year.
  • Supplying to booming consumer goods market in Indonesia.
  • Consisting of 3 subsidiaries that are located in 3 strategic locations to cover the entire Java Island.
  • A profitable business with total revenue around IDR 700 billion per year.
  • The Group is supported by professional management team with more than 30 years experience

3.  Chain Of Hotel Group

  • A rapidly growing company own of three-star and four-star hotels in Indonesia.
  • The Company currently has four hotels in operation with active pipeline of three additional hotels, one has been launched at the beginning of August 2015 and the remaining three to be completed by the beginning of 2016.
  • All the hotels are managed by well-known operators, including internationally renowned groups.
  • The operating hotels are located in Seminyak Bali, Legian Bali, and Jakarta. The other hotels that under construction are located in Jakarta, Bogor, and Surabaya.

4.  Bali Condotel Project

  • The Project is situated in 7.2 ha land (SHGB or Right-to-Build Certificate), comprises of 24 villas, 56 condotel, land bank and Hotel Public Area (HPA), including Dayclub.
  • There is an option to develop and/or to divest the 4.7 ha land bank within the complex to strategic partners.
  • Cooperation with world-renowned international hotel & lifestyle operators.
  • Looking for financing to complete construction of condotel and villas and/or to divest the up to 100% of the project.

5.  Used Cars Consumer Financing Company I

  • This company is a multi-finance company established more than 30 years. Company's main business is in consumer finance, especially in used car financing, The Company has business licenses in leasing, consumer finance and factoring.
  • The Company focus on used car financing whose income segment is higher than the motorcycles segment, where default risk and losses in repossessed assets is relatively lower and there is large market size in the used car market. Currently the Company has 36 branches spread across Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi.
  • The Company focused on fast-moving and productive vehicle especially for micro business, consisting of minibus, truck and pick-up, mostly in Java, followed by Sumatera. Top 5 brands in their financing portfolio are Toyota, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu, Suzuki and Honda brand with 80% of the company's financing portfolio.
  • The Company targets middle to upper income segments in the market since the car financing value is relatively high to be afforded by the middle class segment. They provide financing for car with average value of IDR 100 million, 36 month financing periods and competitive interest rate about 18% - 22% average per annum.
  • Currently controlling shareholder of the Company is looking for strategic partnership to grow as the leading used car financing Company.

6.  Used Cars Consumer Financing Company II

  • A multifinance company that has been running for more than 25 years. Currently the Company has managed more than IDR 200 billion assets with more than 200 employees, 10 branches, and 6 marketing offices spread across Java and Bali.
  • It focuses on second-hand car financing lease, especially on japanese-made passenger vehicles (MPV, SUV, hatchback, sedan, etc.). The top brands include Toyota, Suzuki, Daihatsu.
  • Average financing per unit is IDR 78 millions, with down payment starts from 25% and average tenor payment of 3 years.
  • It targets middle income segments in the market since the car financing value is relatively high to be afforded by the lower income segment and also relatively low for the upper income segment.

7.  Ocean Park and Aquatic Theme Park Developer

  • The Company is a Singapore-based company, and is the second largest Ocean Park and Aquatic Theme Park Developer in China, in terms of number of aquariums (with controlling shares) operating as per December 2017. The Company specializes in the leisure and tourism industry and has been a pioneer and major force in aquarium development and investments throughout Australia and China.
  • The Company has grown steadily over the last 20 years, and has developed 6 successful Aquarium venues, and has delivered some of the best financial returns in the Asian entertainment sector. The Company has financed its own growth since restructuring in 1997, during the Asian crisis.
  • Currently they have 4 existing projects in: Beijing, Nanjing, Hefei, and Chongqing.
  • The Company's expansion plan calls for newer, larger family-oriented integrated water-based theme parks to be developed across carefully selected growth centres in Asia. Chongqing Ocean Park extension, Fuyang Oceanarium and Indonesia Integrated Resort Project are three sites that are currently planned to be developed.
  • The Company is looking for pre-IPO financing to finance its expansion plans.

8.  Rural Bank (BPR)

  • The Company is a rural bank engaged in business activities such as provision of savings and lending services for regional customers, and does not provide services in payment traffic.
  • The Company initially took over the receivables (cessie) of another company domiciled in Jakarta, based on the Deed of Transfer of Rights and Obligations Number 153 dated April 25th, 2008, with an initial deposit of Rp 5,030,000,000.- and now the issued capital is Rp 12,930,000,000.-
  • They are looking for investors to divest 100% of its shares.

9.  Diesel Power Rental Company

  • The company is an integrated energy and power generator equipment expert, focusing on power rental with total generating capacity of 945 MW.
  • Strong track record in servicing reputable customers and large projects including public and private sectors.
  • Geographical footprint with distribution network across Indonesia, with operations in every major island in Indonesia including off-grid locations.
  • Shareholders are looking to divest up to 100% of its shares.

10.  Property Company

  • One of the leading residential and commercial building developers in Indonesia with a focus on the development of middle to upper class property.
  • Started its first project in 1980s with residential cluster area in Greater Jakarta, and has since expanded its activities to apartments, and commercial building developments, including mall and office.
  • Currently in development of residential projects across Indonesia in areas such as Jabodetabek, Jakarta, and Balikpapan.
  • Has an experienced management team in developing mixed used development, apartment, office, mall, real estate, commercial buildings, etc
  • Shareholders are looking to divest controlling stake in the company.

11.  Business Hotel Chain

  • Hotel chain company established in 2010 as owner of 3-star business hotels in Indonesia. Currently, the company owns 6 hotels and 3 separate land banks, and leases 1 hotels, either directly or through its subsidiaries.
  • The Company's hotels are all operated by its sister company, Hotels Management Co ("HMC"), which has an established brand and professional management for business hotels.
  • The Company opened its first hotel in Karawang in 2014, followed by hotels in Cirebon, Jababeka, Palembang, Pekanbaru and Lampung. In addition, the Company, together with HMC manage hotels in Glodok and Surabaya through long-term contracts.
  • The 7 hotels have total number of 865 rooms, or average number of 124 rooms per hotel, with average room rates (ARR) of IDR 332,978. Management has targeted occupancy rate of around 70% on average across the 7 hotels. In addition to the hotels, BHC owns 3 land banks in strategic areas across Indonesia for further development of the hotel chain.
  • The shareholders of the Company and HMC are looking for strategic partners to be one of the leading business hotel groups in Indonesia.

12.  Education Technology Start Up

  • The Company is a technology company which provides Software as a Service ("SaaS") solution for academic institutions (schools and universities).
  • Established in 2017 by key people with expertise in information system and technology industries.
  • Users of this software include academic institutions, students, teachers, staff, parents, and even the regulators. The nature of business is B2B with potential to be B2B2C as well.
  • The main focus is to delivers end-to-end integrated campus/school management system for day-to-day activities and help academic institutions synchronize their data to comply with the Database Hub at the Higher Education Directorate.
  • Validation phase was successful with implementation in 10 universities and 200 schools.
  • Estimated to have an addressable market of more than 22 million users (i.e. including students, parents, teachers and staff in the middle and higher segments of both schools and universities that does not already have integrated management systems), or addressable annual market size of IDR 1.53 tio from subscription alone.
  • Has already recorded revenue and is looking for funding to scale up the business.

Opportunities To
Invest in

  1. Bintan Boutique Hotel Project
  2. Corrugated Carton Box Group
  3. Chain Of Hotel Group
  4. Bali Condotel Project
  5. Used Cars Consumer Financing Company I
  6. Used Cars Consumer Financing Company II
  7. Ocean Park and Aquatic Theme Park Developer
  8. Rural Bank (BPR)
  9. Diesel Power Rental Company
  10. Property Company
  11. Business Hotel Chain
  12. Education Technology Start Up

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